As graduation looms, and I realize I have to see my parents again, I get extremely anxious.  I would probably rather get hit by a car.

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Sometimes Scared

Sometimes it really terrifies me that my parents will one day die. Or really that after that one day, they’ll be gone forever.

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Did this page die?


Shades Of Grey

I’m caught between love and lust.

I think.

Or maybe I’m just confused.

Or not.

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I’m afraid I am never going to be in a relationship.

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How about making Hopsecret actually more like PostSecret where we could send postcards with our secrets on it? Just a suggestion to make this site more interesting.

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Content Under Construction

We are looking to add some additional guidelines for submitted posts.  What would you want included for posts? Our main thoughts are keeping this about you, the poster, and not becoming a gossip-type site.  Any ideas on how to do that?  Comments welcome!! Thanks!

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I feel bad for this site because it lacks the attention JHU Confessions gets but it’s been around longer and has a more clever name.

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Every Monday

I must be really pathetic because I look forward to these every monday and notice when they dont go up :(

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